Hase Waits

Hello there! We have a new contact number - 07450584656

We are the Hase Waits.
We are a six piece multi-instrumental folk/world music group.
Our members include: Sisters, Hannah and Heather Wainwright, Brothers James and Charles Thomas, Gordon Bown and Fynn Ralph Hopper.
We have been playing together for about a year and are very passionate about the music we play and the message of multi-culturalism.

'We value the diverse culture we have in Britain today and want to introduce and combine the traditions, styles and instrumentation of countries from Middle East, Asia, Eastern Europe and the West. We feel that music as a medium has the ability to build bridges which can cross the divides in our multicultural communities. We feel the oddity of combining the highland bagpipes with greek bouzouki, irish banjo, russian balalaika and chinese hulusi gives Hase Waits a unique edge to folk music, appealing to different ethnic people, cultures and religions to bring them together to enjoy music.'

We focus on the musical traditions and tunes from countries all around the world and in our sets we include: Chinese, Russian, Scottish, Irish, Punjabi, Jewish/Israeli, Iraqi, English, French, Spanish, Turkish, Greek and a lot more interesting tunes from different cultures, religions and people.

Included in our repertoire of instruments are the Highland Bagpipes, Flutes, Greek Bouzouki, Balalaika, Double Bass, Banjo, Guitar, Hulusi, Clarinet and many more.

Between the six members we play over 40 instruments between us, helping us create a unique and ever changing extraordinary sound.
We have recently recorded and released our first EP ‘Hase Waits’, The tracks on this album are: 

    1. Snake Dance / Sherele
    2. Foggy Dew / The Gravel Walk
    3. The Hulusi Set / Del Seiu Tort Farai Esmenda / Bear Dance
    4. The Crested Hen
    5. Katyusha

    6. Hector The Hero / The Atholl Highlanders 

The Album is available to buy for £4.00 from the link at the top of the page.

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